Hi! We’re husband and wife team Michael and Carolyn Emeny. In 2012 we established Mudgee Lamb, situated on our family farm just 20 minutes outside Mudgee in the NSW Central Tablelands. In 2023, Mudgee Lamb became Mudgee Meat.

Mudgee is renowned as a top food, wine and fresh produce destination, winning the title of Australia’s best tourism town multiple times.

Starting off by farming our own lambs on our property, we soon realised that the demand for our high-quality meats surpassed our ability to supply. To meet the growing demand, we partnered with other local lamb providers from across the NSW Central Tablelands.

As the business has grown, so too has demand for more products. Over time we’ve added beef, pork and chicken to our portfolio. Hence our name change in 2023 to Mudgee Meat!

We take pride in sourcing our products from our farmer partners who share our commitment to hormone-free, ethically-farmed, grass-fed and free-range produce. Our purpose-built facility in Mudgee is where we process and pack the meat for your orders. With a team of over 20 dedicated individuals, we're continually growing and improving!

Remaining on our farm and being a family-owned and operated business, we invite you to try our product and support Australian farmers and small businesses.


No hassles with parking. No queues for shopping. And our bulk packs will save you around 30% compared to a butcher or supermarket - this is how your country cousins have been buying their meat for decades!

Our ethically-farmed meat is not just convenient and great value, but also the freshest and best-tasting meat you can buy anywhere.

We focus on bulk packs with minimal waste, this is the key to our highly competitive prices - can you imagine buying lamb cutlets at just $18/kg? Buying in bulk makes these prices possible.

Nothing is wasted, all our off-cuts are used in sausages, bones, etc are supplied with packs for your pet or soup creation.

Our meat is vacuum-packed and chilled (never frozen) in a fully recyclable insulated box – even the insulation is made with biodegradable wool. It will keep your delivery cool and fresh in transit, all the way from our Mudgee facility to your front door.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to impress your family at the dinner table, then click on the product range and order now.


Being 4th generation farmers, we know how important sustainability and the environment is. We only work with farmers who share our vision for ethically-farmed, free-range or grass-fed animals.

But our sustainability goes beyond that. We pride ourselves on our almost zero wastage approach. Our meat off-cuts are utilised in our minces and sausages and even our bones find purpose by being sold direct to customers or to pet food producers.

And it’s not just farming. Our boxes are fully recyclable and even our insulated blanket which keeps your meat cool and fresh is made from biodegradable wool.

When you choose Mudgee Meat you’re not only supporting local farmers and small business, you’re also getting the freshest, never-frozen meat delivered straight to your door and you’re ensuring the packaging you use and the food you eat is contributing to a better environment.